Baker Street Station Halloween Selfie Costume Contest

Think you’ve got a pretty sweet costume for Halloween? Well, we’ll be the judge of that friend. That is, if you want a $50 gift certificate to our fine establishment.

Here’s what you’ve gotta do:

Swing by (you don’t even have to come in, although we don’t recommend this) and snap a pic with you and your besties (or by yourself, or with randoms from the street) in front of our sign, then send it to us via the internets (Twitter or Instagram) and tag us @BakerStStation along with the hashtag #MyCostumeIsBSS (see what we did there?).

Here’s our example for your reference.

Baker Street Station Guelph Costume Contest 2015

Points will be awarded for creativity, costume, pose and whatever we think is funny/creepy/cool/cute/weird as hell. So, the sky’s the limit.

This contest starts right meow and we’ll use our veteran judges (probably just staff) to crown a winner on Nov 1st or 2nd, depending on how hungover we are from Halloween drinking.

Cheers friends and Happy Halloween’ing.