October Staff Cocktail – Kasha’s Citrus Citouille & Pumpkin Pie Martini

October’s such a nice month we have 2 featured cocktails! Both from Kasha, first up the Citrus Citouille made with Cognac, Grand Marnier, some OJ and Ginger Ale. It’s delicious and perfect on a day with a little chill in the air.

October Kasha's Citrus Citouille

Next up, what is October without a Pumpkin Pie flavoured anything… so we’ve got the Pumpkin Pie Martini made with Vodka, Frangelico, Whipping Cream, Maple Syrup, Pumpkin Puree, Nutmeg, Sugar and Cinnamon Spice.

October Kasha's Pumpkin Pie Martini