Through The Kitchen Window: Pork Belly Mac & Cheese

Our “Through The Kitchen Window” blog feature is here to take you beyond what you see written on our menu and give you a more in depth view of our menu items and how they’re made. First Up, Pork Belly Mac & Cheese.

through the kitchen window

This is a take on traditional comfort food, mac and cheese with our own edge to it.

The white cheese sauce for our Mac & Cheese is started with a roux, and thinned out with milk before old cheddar and fontina cheeses are mixed in. This white cheese sauce is mixed with elbow macaroni and served in a cast iron dish. It comes topped with seasoned panko and a slice of raclette cheese melted and browned.

Macaroni Baker Street Station 1

Our pork belly is cured for 24 hours, then braised in West Avenue Cider and pressed, then pan seared and glazed with jus. It is served on the side, for you to either mix in or eat on it’s own. Our spicy house made ketchup also comes with this dish, along with dressed mixed greens.

Pork Belly Baker Street Station

This dish is best paired with a light, crisp beer, like a Steam Whistle Pilsner or a chardonnay.

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