Frozen Beer? Ya, we’ve got that!

A few weeks ago, Frozen Beer arrived from Japan in Toronto and we had to have it in Guelph! So you know what happened next right?

Baker Street Station Frosty Top Guelph

Baker Street Station is the exclusive carrier of the Polar Beer or Frosty Top Beer in Guelph and we’ll be hammering out Baker Street Beer Blizzards very soon! We’re also the first craft beer serving public house to do this in Ontario, potentially Canada and hey, maybe the world. We’ve just installed this beer chillin monster and may need a day or two to wrap our heads around it, but get ready patio goers! Cider slushies and frozen craft beer toppers are coming at you! Isn’t technology awesome?

Baker Street Station Blizzard Frozen Polar Beer


Check out DK Squared, the company that brought all this awesomeness to town for us. And if you’re looking for more of what this is, have a look at this article from the Toronto Star.